Live Crabs Encounter at Airport

WAITING for your baggage can often be a boring task but passengers who flew into a Caribbean airport were given a shock when dozens of live crabs flooded the carousel. They were in an icebox that was arriving for collection on the luggage carousel but was gifted a chance at freedom when it broke before it could be picked up.

A number of people can be seen taking their own pictures to document the strange occurrence. One person can be heard saying “oh my goodness”. The footage was uploaded to Facebook by Lionel Bonimy who says it was taken at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in the Caribbean.

Live Crabs escape and caused chaos at Airport

Some decided to help out and tried to pick up the invertebrates to get them back into the icebox, others sprinted away from the situation as quickly as possible, and one person – thankfully – grabbed their smartphone camera and started filming the chaos unfolding. When that intrepid videographer uploaded their footage originally, they tried to describe the situation thusly.

He said: “I was waiting for my suitcase at Lynden Pindling International Airport in the Bahamas when one of the iceboxes opened when falling down with the suitcases. People blocked and caught the crabs. “Sadly, it seems then as if none of the crabs were successful in their escape attempt. They were all gathered up and put back into the icebox.

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