Why Corona Virus vaccine to market may take longer?

Dr. Kate Broderick, senior vice president, R&D at Inovio Pharmaceuticals, tells Fox News, adding that trials on human subjects began just last week. “We treated three people last week. But getting our vaccine into human beings is a huge step. But we did that in 83 days, which certainly in my career is absolutely an unprecedented level of speed.”


Approximately 40 people will be tested during the initial phase at locations in Kansas City and the University of Pennsylvania.
Phase one is supposed to be normal, healthy people. And in this case, they have not, as far as we know, they have not been infected with COVID-19
This part of the study would be followed by phase two, in which the at-risk population is tested.

Phase two is really where you start to test out larger numbers and efficacy. And Inovio has already produced enough dosing for that several thousand doses in there because that process is so robust to get through that study as well. The process is tedious as researchers often have to start from scratch when there’s a new outbreak.
Scientists in Weiner’s lab were testing synthetic DNA technology to fine-tune synthetic vaccine candidates, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase three is when it goes to expanded efficacy studies, normally take a very, very long time,” Weiner says. “That’s why with vaccine development, all the proceeds normally take years to decades.”

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