What can we buy with 1 Rupee in India?

1) Candies, Chewing Gums and Mouth Fresheners

Every time you fall short of change, expect the shopkeeper to hand out a couple of Eclairs to you. The melt-in-your-mouth jelly candies can still be bought for just 1 rupee from roadside stalls.

Center fresh,Eclairs,Coffee bite,Mango bite,Pass Pass

2) Two Single Postcards

They’re obsolete these days but some people in rural India still use them.
India’s brightest and finest go into history books before taking a short stop at the postage stamps section.

The price of an inland letter will go up from 75 paise to Re 1

Nowadays these little beauties are found more in vintage stamp collections rather than on envelopes.

3) Matchbox

Whenever one needs a quick smoke, cook up a dish or just say a fast prayer.
You have it in your puja-rooms and you might be carrying one of those to light your cigarettes too.

4) Shampoo and Washing Powder Sachets
They will magically remove stubborn stains on your clothes and leave your hair smooth and silky. Great for one-time use and all those travel emergencies.

5) Kites

In cities where kite flying is every school kid’s favorite pastime, you can get kites for as less as 1 rupee.

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