Products covered in mold after lockdown in malls

A store owner in Malaysia’s George town opened his shop after 50 days of coronavirus lockdown and found fungus growing on some leather products.
Mold is a type of fungus. These small organisms can be black, white, orange, green, or purple and live almost anywhere indoors and outside. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce through lightweight spores that travel through the air.

Mold found on shoes

As the shop prepared to reopen this week, staff returned to the building and were horrified by the state of the luxury items. Pictures emerged showed how shoes, handbags, belts, and wallets all had thick layers of grey and yellow mold on them.
Shop owners who’re back in business are not only facing a shortage in demand but the fact that some of their goods are dusty and possibly even spoilt.
Despite turning off its air-conditioning system, the moist air in the shopping mall could have given these mold more reason to grow in large numbers on these goods.

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