Loving Husband makes silicon statue for late wife

In 2017, MVK Madhavi, was travelling to Tirupati with her two daughters when she met with a fatal car accident. Though her daughter’s sustained minor injuries, Madhavi couldn’t survive. While she was alive, it was Madhavi’s dream to own a bungalow, and hence her husband Srinivas decided to construct a house in her memory before two years. Recently, he constructed a new house and didn’t want to miss his wife in the house warming ceremony.

Silicon statue for his wife

Srinivas Gupta, a businessman surprised everyone after he installed a silicone wax statue of his late wife at his newly-constructed home on the occasion of housewarming ceremony, in her memory. This incident took place in Koppal district near Bellary.

Heartwarming story of his tribute to his wife: ”It is a great feeling to have my wife again at my home, as this was her dream home. An artist Shreedhar Murthy from Bengaluru took a year to prepare my wife’s statue. Silicon was used for the statue for durability. Our artist suggested a silicon statue instead of the wax statue as we live in Koppal which is a hot place, and an AC cant be open all the time to maintain the wax. So as per the suggestion, we got the silicon statue prepared,” said Srinivas speaking to the media.

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